Monday, February 1, 2016

Musical Obsessions: Wolf's Rain Soundtrack

Hey guys! I'm taking a short break from the blog-related posts to do something a bit different. Lately, I finished the awesome (yet heartbreaking) 2003 anime Wolf's Rain. Aside for being a beautiful, thought-provoking anime, it has one of the best soundtracks I've ever heard - It's mostly in English, sang by Japanese, Canadian, Brazilian and american singers, which is by far the most diverse soundtrack I've ever heard.

And it sounds great. I simply can't stop listening to it, and I can't recommend it enough! 

Here are my five favorite songs from the anime, for your enjoyment. For those who rather just melodies, don't be afraid to check them out on YT - they're often haunting and  always gorgeous.

Opening Song - Stray / Steve Conte

Ending Theme - Gravity / Maaya Sakamoto

Heaven's Not Enough / Steve Conte

Strangers / Raj Ramayya

Run, Wolf Warrior, Run / Joyce

So... did you like the songs? Which one is your favorite? Does this possibly make you want to watch the anime? :) 

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