Monday, February 8, 2016

#StoryTime: Transformation to DNFer

This is a story of a young girl, and how she came to acquire and embrace the title of "DNFer".
Once upon a time, in a little country, there was an even little-er girl. The name of the girl is insignificant, for she was just a girl and at the same time many girls, and they all had different names and all lived in different places, but they were one and the same nonetheless.

The girl was considered somewhat of a bookworm among her peers, and she was immensely proud of her title. She considered herself a champion of stories and worlds. She was determined that no story, nor series will ever best her.
She will reign supreme against all that she read, no matter how long the battle, how tenacious the fighters, how tedious her opponents, or how boring the war was.

She. Will. Succeed.

And she did, for many years, not knowing that the world--and all it had to offer--was much wider than her little country and its meager selection. That beyond the horizon waited many places for her to open the covers.

She was sixteen, going on seventeen, when her eyes opened. The Imperious Court of Goodreads made itself known to her, and offered its services. Suddenly, the gates have opened, and traffic and travel between the countries were allowed.
On one of those travels, she stumbled upon the lands of Kindle and The Book Depository, where books and stories poured like rain, and she tried to take them all, until she could not fit them in any longer. Until she had to build new shelves and shackle herself with the curse of the horrifying Book Buying Ban.

She discovered many new worlds. She fought many new wars.

And some of them were... hard. Harder than anything she's ever experienced before. Harder still for different worlds were calling her name, urging her to come to them. Soon, she'd chant in her head. Hoping she will reach the end of the war already and be free to pursue other places.

Until one day... she couldn't ignore the call. She couldn't ignore the urging voice. She only paused the fight, she told herself. She would take a break, refuel herself, take over some other worlds, rejuvenate herself, and come back to finish this one. It wasn't going anywhere.
And it didn't go anywhere. Anywhere at all. The fight ended without a conclusion, and while she was wrecked with guilt over that unfinished battle, she did not regret the worlds she discovered in it's stead. She was quite... relieved, actually, to be rid of that burden.

And indeed, who wants to control a land that bores them? That angers them? That frustrates them? It was much better to be queen over worlds she liked, over people she respected and was awed by.

But she did not realize it then. She was still forging through unwanted battles, through landscapes she'd rather not see. Until a rather tough stretch of road began, with her conquering places she never wanted to set foot in again.
She was exhausting resources and man power for countries that meant nothing to her. And for what? She was sure someone else would love to be the Queen of Shadowhunters, it just wasn't her. And someone else could have the man-tiger, she just wasn't that into him. And those weird pixies would probably be better appreciated by another girl.

And there were so many worlds out there, so much to see and so many people to meet, that she realized there was no meaning in fighting for things she didn't really want. And really, why force on those worlds her reign, anyways?

The burden was lifted off her shoulders. An easy smile stretched on her face. And from that moment on, she would occasionally retreat and surrender, she would admit defeat. And she wasn't a lesser person, a leaser leader, for it.
She discovered many wonderful worlds. She left behind many that weren't the right fit for her. She accepted the mental of a DNFer, knowing it wasn't for everyone, and vowed to use it wisely for lost causes only.

And she was a happier bookworm for it.




  1. I loved this way of telling a bookish story! So yes you should totally do more like it. :)

  2. I love this and definitely want to see more! :D I wasn't much of a DNFer before I started blogging, but I've completely embraced it now. I just would rather read a book I'm enjoying than spend time on a book I know I'm not going to have good luck with. I understand why it's hard for some to embrace that mentality though!
    Fantastic post, Nitzan! :)

    1. Really glad you liked it Nick <3
      Blogging came hand to hand for me with finding GR and all I said above, so it might have had a part in it (actually, probably). Didn't think about it until now (obviously)!
      I guess it has to do both with feeling like you have to satisfy your audience and yourself (and if you're stuck on one book for a week, that means one week with no reviews, and if all you have to say is bad things about the book, that can also be a bit unpleasant...)
      I see a lot of people who struggle with it; maintaining a policy of finishing every book they read. I applaud them, but I just can't do it lol It frustrates me when reading becomes a chore/something I force myself to do. Reading is my pleasure and I don't want it to be hard, you know?

  3. Awesome post! And a big YES!! I'm an unapologetic DNFer :)

  4. Such a cute post! I am a big time DNF. With two kids and taking care of a one year old 11 hours every day, my reading time is extremely limited. I can't waste that little time on books that I don't like. Most DNF don't make it past the first 3 chapters. DNF is such a relief!

    1. Thank you!
      Ohh, yeah, you should definitely only spend your time on books you enjoy. What's the point otherwise?
      It is to me too! Though I still struggle with not feeling like I failed the book when I DNF haha