Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Who Ever Said You Need a Parachute To Skydive?

Hey guys! This is just a quick, short post to let you know about a story I'm posting on Watppad called Who Ever Said You Need a Parachute To Skydive?

It's a comedic fantasy tale that I've been writing on-off for years and decided to start posting in order to motivate me to finish. I have a very (detailed) vague plan with it, but the story itself is just so fun I hardly care. Would appreciate if you could read and give me some feedback, and encourage me to finally finish :))
One madman.
One rich wannabe assassin.
One soft policeman.
And their supervising adult (who's really their age, so how did she get this job and how does she get out of it?)

This is the story of four idiots and their quirky adventure trying to find the kidnapped fairy princess, which they will do by bartering with the tooth fairy... or three... stealing numerous magical objects, crossing snowy mountains, fighting several monsters who want to kill them (including each other), and all that before dinner. Okay, okay, no dinners.
*click title to get to the story*

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