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Anime Review: Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica Crimson S | Generic But Watchable

Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica Crimson S
12 out 12 Episodes, completed
Aired: Apr 5, 2009 to Jun 21, 2009
Prequel to Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica
Drama, Fantasy, Music
Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica Crimson S (yes, that is a mouthful!) opens with two unknown characters fighting. A little orphan boy is crying. His tears transition with the dropping blood of the winged woman, illustrating a connection. The boy starts to sing to make himself feel better, attracting the spirit. She starts talking to him.

And this is where it gets UBER CREEPY. This overly sexualized adult woman says she wants to keep the boy all to herself. Then she leans in for (what appears to be) a kiss, but gets interpreted.

Fast forward twelve years, and that boy is now studying in an academy famous for it's Dantists program. A Dantist is a specialist who attracts spirits with his music, and can use them to help him do all sort of stuff.

However, Phoron is not so good at being a Dantist. For some reason, his music doesn't transition with the spirits at all, despite his early childhood success. Remembering the song that brought the spirit to him to begin with, he sings it again (in his childhood, baby, girly voice to boot. That sounded very strange coming out of a teenager who has a very pleasant male voice when he speaks).

And thus, a spirit wakes up. Creating a bit of havoc, and with beautiful animation (one of the only beautifully animated moments in this series, which in on a whole pretty average to ugly in it's animation) a girl bursts from the raving spirit.

And who that girl is? The spirit he met at the beginning! Only... she now looks younger. I'm assuming that's done so it won't look so creepy between them, though that train has sailed on the first few minutes!

And thus, starts the adventures of Corticarte and Phoron. And yes, the names are hella odd in this series.

How did I do with this summary? You like? 
One of the only truly beautiful animation scenes. Couldn't find a gif, sorry! :(
For me, this show is probably between two and a half stars to three. On My Anime List I gave it a score of six which translates to "fine". My emotions about this series switched from exasperated annoyance, to mild amusement, to general meh-ness, to slight interest. In that order, actually.

If I were honest, I had no intention to watch this. I thought I was watching one of the shows on my "currently watching" list from three-four years ago which I'm trying desperately to clean up. But turns out, I was originally watching season one which chronologically comes after this one #canIbeanymorestupid

I don't think I will return to the sequel after watching this. I can tell, looking back, why I probably started with the first season. It's because of the music and the singing. I have this thing with musical anime. I kind of love them. And maybe the first season isn't an assembly of cliches like this show was, but in this one you could tick off the list with your fingers:

☑ A hero who doesn't want to fight, but will because the bad guys cross a line and they're "the only ones I don't want to lose to" - check

☑ Two to three girls in love with the main character at once even though he's kind of useless and oblivious - check
☑ One of them is a sickly girl - check

☑ One of them is an out-going honest girl - check

☑ The mysterious authority figure (headmaster in this case) - check

☑ The bad guys explain themselves to the good guys - check

Etc. And even the execution of the many tropes and cliches this show uses was generic to a fault. At least try to spice things up! Maybe the hero is unapologetic about being kind of not wanting to fight instead of saying sorry every two minutes. How 'bout that?

On the other hand, that didn't mean it wasn't fun to watch. I enjoyed rolling my eyes at the show. Enjoyded being like "AHH SO RIDICULOUS" when they were being super cliched. Enjoyed laughing at the "listen to your heart" and friendship is fabulous and don't give up and all that stuff. Enjoyed sniggering and tsking my tongue at it.

It that super cruel? yes.

Will it mellow it a bit if I say I also enjoyed it 'cause it was cute and from episode seven or so it really picks up on the action? No? hmm... figures, really. I am a horrible person.
Side note: the one-man orchestra looks ridiculous. Like an oversized butterfly, but not in a good way. At least not worn by our characters. 

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