Monday, January 4, 2016

What to Expect When You're Expecting... a New Blog

Thank you for coming back if you've already been here before, and hello there if you've not!

This time I would like to tell you what you can expect to see on this blog, in order to help you decide whether you'd like to stick with me or not (I hope you'll choose the first)

Starting with what I'd like to get out of the way first:

#1: Recycling Old Content 
Yes, that's right. For some people, reusing old content is a big no-no, but I don't agree with that outlook. My old content is not something to be forgotten and ignored, or be embarrassed by. I love and I'm proud of all of it.

And... I kinda want all my stuff to be in one place.

I love revisiting old reviews and giving them a face lift, rewriting them to fit my current style and the reviewer I have become. I love bringing up old discussions and seeing new ideas and answers to them. I love tracing back to my origins.

But don't worry, none of the old content is just going to be copy-paste. All of it will be re-edited, so in a way it will also be new and shiny.

And I promise - no more than two "recycled" posts a week! That way there will be a good balance between the old and the new.
You can easily recognize the recycled content by looking for this Oldie hashtag on a post. If you don't, it means it's new and original content. 
#2 Bookish Reviews, Tags, Special Features and Discussions 
Obviously, as a blog mostly about books, there are going to be book reviews and book discussions. A lot of them, actually, in all genres and age ranges.

here are going to be young adult, new adult, adult and occasionally even middle grade. There are going to be fantasies, contemporaries, mysteries, historicals and occasionally sci-fi.

There is going to be something of everything!

And when I'm not doing either of those two, you can expect me to do bookish tags (mostly without being tagged 'cause I almost never am lol) or special features. Some more well known, some unique to Afterwords! 

#3: Posts About My Life 
In my other blogs, I always felt... guilty... when writing about my life. I had defined them solely as "book blogs", and therefore anything that wasn't about books seemed to me out of place. It wasn't something my readers came for, after all.

But not with Afterwords.

This blog is for everything I want to talk about. If something big happened in my life - I might talk about it. If something political happened that I want to bring up - I'm going to do it without shame. If there is a celebrity I want to shamelessly fangirl over or publicize because they kind of saved my life by existing... you are going to hear about it. Loudly.

So be warned: this isn't always going to be about books.

#4: Bargains
One of my favorite things on the internet is finding BOOK BARGAINS. I mean, seriously, is there a better feeling than finding a book you've been lusting after at a discount price on amazon / The Book Depository? I dare you to think of one.

So, more often than not I go on deal-searching rampages, and I will share the fruits of those with you guys.

You can thank me later--or sue me for contributing to your bankruptcy. whatever.

#5: Everything I love - Including TV, Movies, Music, Manga and Anime
Same as shamelessly talking about my life when I need it, I'm also going to do the same with everything I love. I'm going to review shows, movies, anime and manga. If there is anything I feel like gushing about--or ranting about--I'm going to do it.

I'm going to recommend my favorite artists, my favorite shows, my favorite anything. I'm going to make this a place where I'm comfortable discussing everything freely.

I am going to make this my home.

So if you'd like to sit down with me around the table or something like that, stick around. Everyone's welcome for as long as you want to be here. Like an open house of something. The door's always opened, and you don't even have to knock. 


  1. I love bloggers that incorporate other things into their blog besides books. I know we all have a life and interests besides books and I love learning about the blogger behind the words.