Tuesday, January 26, 2016

2016 TBR!

As any Book Lover can testify, our tbr list tend to be longer than The Great Wall of China. I hold no illusions I can ever finish it, but... I do believe I can clean my physical selves of the pesky un-read books.

This post is dedicated to all of the books I own as of January 1st that I vow to read in 2016. So, you know, these are some of the reviews you can expect *Wink*

Not pictured: Beautiful Darkness, World After. I'm actually doing fairly well with this TBR! :3
Those are really my top priority as they are seconds and more in series that I've already started, and I'd like to continue with them before starting new series (#IAlreadyKnowThisIsGoingToFail).

This is my second priority, because reading these books is not a commitment to another series and extra books, so I feel like I'm actually cleaning my tbr when I'm reading them. Which is why it's also the smallest lol

Not Pictured: The Circle, Defiance, Breathe, Born Wicked, The Eternal Ones, Confessions of a Murder Suspect, Prophecy of the Sisters, Partials, Delirium, The Madman's Daughter, Wicked, Tunnels, The Gift, Clockwork Scarab, Crewel, Deviants. Doing less well with this one lol
We all have this tbr. The series that blow up or we suddenly find that we have to get even though we have three dozen series we're already reading. This one is my last priority, as I want to finish the series I'm currently reading first (or at least some of them) & because they guarantee that I'll just expend my tbr with their sequels ;) 

You can come back to this post throughout the year and watch as slowly (but hopefully surely) books are crossed off as I read them! 


  1. Oooh, Hollow City is fantastic and a great ending to the series-definitely make that a priority this year :) I don't have a TBR list anymore, but Outlander is one book I'm determined to finally get to this year!

    1. I meant Hollow City is a great next segment in the series, not the end (must drink caffeine before commenting on other blogs lol). The Library of Souls is the third/final book in the series and is also amazing. The movie version for the first book, directed by Tim Burton, is coming out soon yaaay!

    2. Caffeine is not a sure fix, as in my case I tend to get over excited and not proof read before sending a comment and that can be disastrous, but as this *does* happen to me... don't worry about it lol
      I know!!! Really excited for the Tim Burton adaptation! It's one extra reason to finish this trilogy asap haha