Sunday, January 10, 2016

No More Apologizing!

One of the most distressing things I noticed while revamping old reviews, was how often I felt the need to clarify; "in my opinion", "to me", "I think", etc out of fear. I was absolutely terrified of people taking what I'm saying in the wrong way, especially if I was talking about something popular.

Of people attacking me and criticizing me. To the point I kept putting disclaimers to my reviews so no one could ever mistake that I was talking about my perspective and my perspective only.

Even in the revamping process, I kept catching myself writing those words. And to me, this is just so jarring. Of course this is just my opinion. Of course those are my thought and my take on things and obviously not everyone is going to agree and that's perfectly alright.

When has the internet become something that I needed to fear and counter-defend myself against? I haven't even been attacked yet and already I am bringing up the walls. I don't believe I have ever been offensive of obtuse so why did I constantly act like I was being so?

Enough is enough.

So one of my goals for Afterwords was to stop apologizing for my reading experiences, tastes, thoughts and opinions. The only time I am going to say this is right here, right now:
Everything on this blog is subjective to me. 
Nothing on this blog is "fact". 
I am not denouncing your opinion if you disagree with me.
And if someone doesn't get this from this point on... well, then, I'll deal with that when it happens. I'm a big girl.


  1. I love your new blog, keep it up!

  2. You shouldn't have to apologize. We all have opinions and we're going to agree and disagree. Don't let people get to you.