Sunday, May 15, 2016

Ceremony in Death by J.D. Robb | Book Review

In Death #5
First Published: 1997
Adult, Mystery
Conducting a top secret investigation into the death of a fellow police officer has Lieutenant Eve Dallas treading on dangerous ground. She must put professional ethics before personal loyalties. But when a dead body is placed outside her home, Eve takes the warnning personally. With her husband, Roarke, watching her every move, Eve is drawn into the most dangerous case of her career. Every step she takes makes her question her own beliefs of right and wrong--and brings her closer to a confrontation with humanity's most seductive form of evil...
I swear, J.D. Robb keeps getting better!

This time the investigation centers around Wicca and Witchcraft, sprinkling the already wonderful mix of action, suspense and romance with a dash of fantasy; ensuring that everyone can find something to enjoy in the latest installment in Eve & Roake's lives.

I love watching how, with every case, Eve trusts Roarke more. This time, she openly makes use of his abilities as she can't use her department's. Eve just keeps evolving, and I love her so much! That's not to say I wasn't annoyed with her in this installment. I kept shouting at her to listen to what her heart tells her - but she just wouldn't do it! Damn it, woman!

Roarke is a dream boat as always, and this eye-candy multimillionaire just got a whole lot more interesting when we learn he believes in magic. I swear, the guy gets more enticing with each read. Where is my own flesh-and-blood Roarke?!

Feeney kind of broke my heart in this one. The friendly geek mentor is grieving, and Eve is forbidden from bringing him on the case. That creates a bit of tension. And what I mean by that is that I was about to cry. For him and Eve and the whole messed up situation. I was being gutted from the inside!!

And the villain? I don't think you can shout messed up loud enough to convoy the right level of messed up. This time, Robb didn't even try to hide the killers, going as far as to show parts of their pov. *shudders*

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