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April Round Up! | Doing Things a Little Differently

My Life in April
April has been pretty swell, if I were honest. I briefly mentioned I've been interviewing for a job in my last round up, and I have been accepted! So far, I've been the equivalent of a secretary in my "company", but my next position will actually handle the money and budgeting of a branch of the "company".

It's a big step up and I have absolutely no background in it which means I am terrified. This is also the upside of this whole situation; my "company" allows to gain experience without studying for a degree in the subject beforehand. If this fits me, I'll know what I want to study (and could start studying while I'm working) and I'll have experience further on. If it's not a fit, at least I would've saved some money and could start working towards making my dreams come true.

If I were honest, I didn't think I'd get this job. My first interview didn't go too well, or at least I didn't think it did (the person that is going to be my immediate boss has a killer poker face) so the callback shocked me. I was a bit nervous because they asked me to come with a presentation (on any subject) into the second interview, so they could test my presenting skills. I chose to talk about Donald Trump and why such a controversial candidate is also so well loved. It was very interesting to learn on the subject, and that interview went fantastically.

Now it's just a matter of when my current working space will let me move unto the next. Hopefully soon because I need to start learning this!!

April is also a month of holidays - Passover just ended! That was fun and gave me lots of time to read and be with the fam! ;)

My Reading Month
I'm back on my reading wave, having read eleven novels this month, and I took off some of the short stories from my kindle (I don't mark those as read due to their low page count). I have dropped many other novels as well, helping dilute my kindle sea a little which is great.

My favorite reading of this month were definitely:

All were 4.5 stars reads! 
I'm glad to say I haven't read any book that I felt was less than a 3 stars this month (aside for the ones I dropped which I don't count!) so I don't have a "least favorite" section for this time :)
Best on the Blog 
In the past months, I pretty much listed every single thing that happened on that month in the round up. And you know what? I think I'm going to stop with that and highlight my favorite bits that happened on the blog. 
Though I'll have to admit, this month has been really slow. I have received maybe a total of five comments throughout the month and while this won't stop me from making content, it's a bit disheartening. I have to keep reminding myself I'm doing this for me ;)) 
Favorite reviews of the month
I really love this review! I tried really hard to make it Be-OOO-tiful and I love this story so damned much! I tried making this a bit different than usually which is why I love it so much I guess. 
Bromance is a Taiwanese drama about a girl masquerading as a man and her love story with a (nice) triad boss. It's a lot of fun and I enjoyed writing this review almost as much as I did watching the show! 

This is a link to the second part of the review. The first part is a spoiler free one star review, and the second is a gifed up summary of the fucked up romance in the story (forgive my language). I know it's mean of me to enjoy these rants, but I really do and I feel it's super funny and one of my better reviews this month! 
I love Dylan O'brian. I semi enjoyed The Maze Runner, so of course I had to watch and review this! This review details a lot of the changes made from the source material and whether I liked them or didn't. In the end of the day, this is more about how not liking changes does not equal not enjoying the movie (cause I did) more than anything.
Once again, this is the link to the second part in a rant review. The second parts are always the juicer! In this one, I pointed out every ridiculous plot hole (and there were plenty). If you've read this series and loved it - feel free to come tell me what I got wrong and if you hate it (like me)... feel free to drop by and discuss with me!

Favorite Discussions/Other posts: 
Well, there weren't many this month lol 
This post talks about my paralyzing fear of the second books in a trilogy due to the structure of it. It's not the regular second book syndrome problem where the second book is just filler, but something else completely... 
Err. Pretty self explanatory lol What's your stance on Sex in YA?

One Last Thing
I'm going to slow things down on the blog. So far, I have tried to have six to seven posts a week. I have been pretty good about that, actually. BUT, I can't keep up on social media with it. I am not sharing my posts on time, and then barely no one sees them and I feel depressed. I feel like maintaining a 4 posts week will help me out with that, letting me have two days for each post for the days I'm too busy to social media. 

Also: how pretty are the review banners??? *-*
Happy May everybody! 

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