Friday, March 25, 2016

Guys - It's Alright Not to Read ALL The Time

You may have noticed the blog has been quite sparse for the last month. This is due to a few reasons, the most important of which is that I simply have no time.

I have been absolutely swamped.

I'm practically a social butterfly right now, which is so weird to me 'cause I'm an introvert through and through and I am not used to going out of the house for non-work related things for more than once-twice a month, definitely not one-two times a week. I love my friends, and I love hanging with them (we're pretty low-key), but that much social interaction is exhausting for me. I feel drained from the lack of me-time.
Still, this is the best kind of exhaustion.

The bad type is the one I get from work, especially as I am acting as the office supervisor right now because ours is on a trip to India (I am so jealous) and I am basically holding everything together single handed. There is a major rant I could be having on the subject, but I'd rather not open it on the internet. Where, you know, anyone could see it.

I'm getting sidetracked.
Between all that, I find that I barely read or focus on the blog - social media wise or content wise, though, this mostly applies on these extra posts that I love to make that are not reviews. Reviews are, for a lack of better word, easy for me. The discussions are the part I enjoy making the most, and that's the part I have the least time for.

And more than anything I barely read. from three books a week, every week, I moved to one book on a good week. Instead, I cruise aimlessly on YouTube videos and watch shows and generally occupy my time with things that take less brain power than reading. Two years ago, even last year, this would've have filled me with guilt. I would've felt like a total failure, and would beat myself up over not reading.
This year, not so much. I think it has something to do with opening a blog that is about every form of story-telling which allows me this freedom, because I know I can still create a constant flow of content even in the drier reading months, but more than anything - I don't think it's bad that I've slowed down.

It's okay to enjoy watching shows more than reading sometimes.

It's okay to feel like you're not "up to" reading.

It's okay to take some time off, it's even okay to take this slower pace and keep it. 

Because you know what? As long as you're having fun with whatever it is your doing - watching a show, reading a manga, cruising tumblr, listening to maddeningly addictive musical numbers, what ever it may be, AS LONG AS YOU'RE HAVING FUN, IT'S OKAY. It's not wrong.

So I've decided to free myself from this senseless sense of "failure" and let myself be. I am not going to focus on numbers and goals anymore.


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