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Get Ready to Fall in Love With "Full House Thai" | Drama Review

Full House / Thai
20 out 20 Episodes, completed
Aired: Jan 11, 2014 to Mar 16, 2014
Episode Duration: 50 minutes
Aom is a writer who got swindled out of her house during her trip to Korea. She finds out that her house was sold to Mike and in an attempt to get her possessions back, she enters a contract marriage with Mike for one year. Though she lost everything, Aom remains optimistic and takes things in strike. What started out as a business relationship between the two becomes personal as they start to care for each other.

For anyone wondering where I'd disappeared to this last weekend, I wish I had a better answer than "binge watching Full House Thai". Alas, this is the sad truth. Yes yes. Regular shows, anime, and even foreign dramas (Korean, Thai, Japanese). I watch it all.

But, to be fair, I'm not the biggest watcher of foreign drama. I finish no more than two or three a year because there is usually too much dang drama in them and after a few episodes I'm so fed up I'm full for the next three months.

But once in a while tumblr would drop such a gif-set in my lap that no matter how much I'll try to resist, I'll end up watching the show because c'mon look how adorable that was aaaaaaah! 

In this particular case, this is the gif-set the clinched the deal.
It's okay if you stop reading now and just go watch it because of it, I'll understand. Has eating ice-cream ever looked so gorgeous or hot? It's a good thing they're eating ice-cream because I suspect they will explode from the heat otherwise. 

The two in the gifs above are Mike and Om-Am. Coincidentally (or, not at all), those are the actors' real life names as well, which I find extra cool. Good job blurring the lines between fiction and reality and making us ship them in RL!
Om and Mike are the two most unlikely people ever to end up in a marriage, fake or otherwise. Or be so perfect for it. 

Sorry, I'm running ahead of myself. Om-Am is a failing script-writer who has enough optimism for all of us. She gets discouraged, but she will not let it bring her down because she has a secret her late father taught her - when you're sad, sing If you're happy and you know it clap your hands *clap clap* and everything gets better. (I swear, I had to clap along each time. It's so contagious, no matter the language!). 

And she's so... energetic! 
she's so pretty y'all!
This is why even after her sister (or cousin, the translation was a bit unclear on this) sends her on a trip to Korea only so she could steal and sell her house, Om doesn't let it get her down (much). Instead, once she realized the unpleasant super-star she met in Korea now owns her childhood home, she manages to strike a deal with him to be his housemaid until she can buy the house.

And, later, his fake (but legal) wife. Because... reasons you better watch the show for, otherwise I just over-explain everything and blah. Trust me that it kind of makes sense and even the parts that don't you won't mind because FUCK YEAH GET MARRIED AND PLEASE HAVE BABIES ON THE WAY.

Ahem. Where was I? 
look at this adorable cinnamon roll! 
If I were honest, there are a lot worse things to be than in a fake marriage with super star Mike. Sure, he's hot-headed and kind of spoiled and occasionally, he acts like a jerk. But most of the time he's just this adorable, goofy, man-child who's desperate for love and is reduced to childish pranks to get the attention of the girl he falls in love with (trust me, he's adorable. You'll forgive everything he does lol) And he's loyal to a fault. 

Bonus points? HE falls first. And I mean he is so whipped it ain't even funny! (okay, it is). 

These two have the most adorable interactions that will make you squee and ship and spaz often. Like, seriously, so much of all these. I mean the chemistry between these two... slays me. Just SLAYS. If these two hooked up in RL and produced sweet beautiful babies I will not mind and that might say something about my whacked up mind but I'll take it. 
This show was just so dang fun, added by the fact the "angst" comes at episode sixteen and ends fairly quickly, because we're never in doubt about how these two feel and they are perfect.

Also, be prepared to hate the second female lead and wish she was pushed of a cliff, and truly appreciate the second male lead because he is such a dang nice Guy! 

I never feel fair talking about something I adore to pieces without talking about it's bad points. For Full House Thai, that's mainly the first three episodes.

Because, you see, those first three episodes... they drag. They have barely any plot and could've easily been one episode. In fact, it takes a full episode for our heroine to get to Korea, and another episode and a half for her to even realize she was scammed, because we waste a lot of time on characters that don't need it and sight-seeing and a lot of other filler.

That's way too much time to waste to get to the turning point! 

The last two episodes suffer the same syndrome, and you could skip a huge chunk of them because they're literally flashbacks (which are unnecessary when you binge watch lol) But it's worth it to get to that proposal scene. Be still my beating heart! 

It almost felt like they had a 20 episode deal but enough material for 16 episodes, and instead of adding unnecessary angst to expand this, they decided flash-backs and sight-seeing was better. I'm thankful because it is better, if there was a lot of drama I would have despaired, but at the same time... just broadcast sixteen episodes. 

One last thing I feel compelled to mention - this is a re-make of a 2004 Korean drama classic. You'll see I mentioned this no where in the actual review because to me this has no baring on the show as I watched it separate from anything else.

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