Friday, April 1, 2016

March Round Up!

General Stuff
Oh boy, March was exhausting, and pretty low on reading. Instead, I watched some shows, read some manga and generally let myself relax because work was so hard y'all. My supervisor is off touring India (she comes back next week. Yay!) and that... put me in charge. Of a bunch of kids who don't want to work. Of making sure everything was working properly.

Lord have mercy.

Do you know how many late night phone calls I got? How many fires I had to put out? How many moments of silent panic? And between all that, interviewing for my next position!

I needed a lot of rest and a lot of not thinking when I was home (which wasn't much!) which is what I did.

And... I'm perfectly okay with it.

BTW - I got the new job! :D

Reading? What is this reading you talk of? Haha, kidding. I read exactly three books this month and three manga (but two of them were under 16 chapters so I didn't count them really). This might sound as very little reading. That's because it is. But, I enjoyed everything else I did this month which was seeing two foreign drama and immersing myself in the YouTube and the Tumblr and going out with friends.

I still intend to bring up my count in April, just because it's been a long time since I had such a weak month. I don't plan to bring it back up to 14 a month minimum (yes, that's how it used to be lol) but five a month sounds doable :)

 Wow I forgot how many reviews I had up this month :O
Thank you so much for sticking with me in March, and here's to hoping you'll come again in April :)

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