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Get Ready To Have Fun With "Bromance" | Drama Review

Bromance / Taiwan
18 out 18 Episodes, completed
Aired: Oct 18, 2015 to Feb 21, 2016
Episode Duration: 75 min. (1 hour, 15 minutes)
Because of one simple word from a soothsayer, Pi Ya Nuo has been raised as a boy all her life. By chance she saves underworld mob boss Du Zi Feng and his sister. His sister falls in love with Pi Ya Nuo at first sight. Things gets complicated when the she becomes "sworn brothers" with the mob boss, just as her 26th birthday comes closer, and with it her chance to finally live as a woman. As her 26th birthday approaches, she must decide if she wants to return to a woman or continue to be Du Zi Feng's best pal.
So, welcome to Bromance, where one girl disguised as a man meets a triad boss and falls madly in love with him (and vice verse).

But don't worry, these are the nice triad. The ones who own amusement parks, have nothing to do with the underworld and just want to bring happiness to everyone. Even their enemies are considerate; opting to shot at them with paint-guns as warnings and doing everything themselves so they'll be easy to find (this might has to do with good henchman being expensive and bad henchman just being unreliable. IDK).

Okay, now that I got through this ridiculous part, I can move on to the actual drama - BECAUSE I LOVED IT. Why? Easy.

One of the trickiest parts of doing this type of drama is that the audience has to believe the girl playing the guy, so you won't be left wondering how no one figured it out earlier. A bit like how I come out of every Superman movie thinking the universe dumb for no one catching that he's Clark Kent?! 

Anyways, Lai Megan, the actress who plays Pi Ya Nuo (pronounced like Piano) does a phenomenal job of acting, moving and talking like a guy. Her guy-act crumbles the further we get into the story and the more Pi Ya Nuo falls in love, as the characters herself stops wanting to act like a guy, and it's was beautifully done!

It is hot in here, or is it just these two burning my screen? 

Du Zi Feng and Pi Ya Nuo  have a great chemistry between them from the get go. The sexual tension and the way they gravitate toward one another is wonderful. And their relationship is so fun and comfortable you got to love them.

Their interactions often made me giggle at my screen or hide my face because HOW ARE YOU NOT EMBARRASSED AT ALL THE SWEET NOTHINGS YOU JUST SAID I'M EMBARRASSED FOR YOU! but in a good way.

If you're looking for a drama that throws angst at you at every turn, breaks up your otp a bazillion times, throws obstacles upon obstacle at them, leaving them crying at the end of every episode... look someplace else, because this is not it. But don't worry, almost every other foreign dram I've seen is so I'm sure you'll find one soon. 

In Bromance, there are so many places that felt like set-up for some angst or another, but it never fell into these traps. It was like the drama was deliberately saying: "you thought we'd go there, but no - these two are perfect for one another and stupid things like these aren't going to bring them down. Muhahaha we fooled you!"
All the characters surrounding Du Zi Feng and Pi Ya Nuo were great as well, adding color and variety to the plot. But all of them, almost without exception were loving and supportive. At the end of the day, even if they were dismayed by the (apparent) gay relationship, they were there for their loved ones.

Amidst the fun love story of Du Zi Feng and Pi Ya Nuo, we have a secondary love story... that felt like a complete tone-change to the point of whiplash and ended up leaving me very unsatisfied. Don't get me wrong, I liked these two, but it felt like all of the sudden I was watching a very different drama... and then it just ended like that? I felt no satisfaction! If you put them in the drama, you should at least give them and their story the respect it deserves! 

If you want to watch a show that will make you SQUEE and SQUEEL often as the two main characters grow closer and closer, will warm your heart and make you feel very protected and satisfied, that will make you laugh inappropriately and affectionately at times for how ridiculous it is...

Bromance is the show for you!

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