Tuesday, January 30, 2018

2018 Goals: Read a Book By At Least 10 of These Authors

This list will focus on my Authors to Read List (atr) that I have never read a book by, but I really want to! Feel free to recommend which authors from this list I should focus on!

Again, I'm taking it easy. You will find a bazillion authors on this list (which I actually plan to re-visit every year from this point on until I have cleared all of these authors!), but I ain't gonna try to read a book by all of them this year. I'm not cray cray. But 10 authors seem doable, especially as some of them can double up with other goals I've put to myself... 

Come back to this page throughout the year to see how I'm doing!

Kelly Armstrong - This author has been on my list of "should try out" for years. I hope this will be the year I will try some of her works.
Books owned: The Gathering

Elizabeth George Speare - Technically, I'm only (currently) interested in one book this author has written, but it's been on my tbr for so long I really want to get to it, and I finally own a copy of it! 

Kirsten Miller - I've had one of Miller's books on my physical shelves for over 5 years and have recently acquired another one of hers (albeit one co-written) so I just feel like this should probably be the year to knock her out of my atr :)

Melina Marchetta - This author has been high on my atr for SO long. Her books are widely loved, and they sound unique and interesting. I hope this will be the year I will actually read them. lol

Sarah Rees Brennan - I have wanted to read her The Lynburn Legacy for ages, and I recently got all 3 books on Kindle for, like, $3.5 total. I know, crazy! (bts, if you want to find awesome kindle deals, don't forget to check our list! It updates regularly :P)
Books owned: Unspoken, Untold, Unmake

Kendare Blake - She's just kind of been on my list for years... I'm not one for horror or things like that but I have heard so many amazing things about her books so I really want to see if this could be something I'll enjoy.
Books Owned: Anna Dressed in Blood

Veronica Rossi - Yes, yes, I haven't read a Veronica Rossi novel. I KNOW! Well, I'm gonna change that!..... Maybe.
Books Owned: Under the Never Sky

Patrick Rothfuss - I have wanted to read The Name of the Wind for so long, but at the same time it's so intimidating and the fact it takes him years to write his novels is also frightening to me. Still, I hope I can finally get into this series this year!
Booked Owned: The Name of the Wind, The Wise Man's Fear

Carolyn MacCullough - I have been interested in reading her Once a Witch series for ages and I finally own the first novel and I just want to finally read it!
Books Owned: Once a Witch

Tahereh Mafi - Welp. What can I say? I have not read a Tahereh Mafi book yet. It's true. I honestly didn't really mean to, because I don't like love triangle and the likes but... all the raving really got to me. So, I pick up Shatter Me. And here's to hoping I love it 'cause I really want an excuse to buy those gorgeous covers in physical copies!
Books Owned: Shatter Me

Veronica Roth - Is it strange that I want to read just the first Divergent novel? Like, I know how that series ends and I'm not here for it, but I kind of do want to experience the first novel and I've heard you can kind of read it alone. What do you guys think? Will it work?
Books Owned: Divergent, Carve the Mark

Marie Lu - Yes, another of those super duper popular authors I have never read! I need to get my shit together because this doesn't fly!

Sarah J. Maas - So I'll be honest... I don't really want to read a Maas book. I have tried the prequel to Throne of Glass and didn't really like it. That being said, I want to give one of her proper novels a shot, just so I can see once and for all if it was that specific book, or it's just generally her novels. That way, I can stop being all turned around because of all the hype lol

Ann Brashares - I have wanted to read Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants for so long, and this is the year! 

Lauren Oliver - This one has been on my list for years. I feel like I should finally give her a chance, you know?
Joe Hill - So, this one is an author I first noticed because Daniel Radcliff was in a movie adaptation of Horns. I love Dan, I want to watch the movie, and I can't until I read the book. Therefore, I must do so. But this author has crazy numbers on GR and that makes me excited... and fearful.
Books Owned: HornsNOS4A2

Robin Benway - Heard great things about this author, and I'm interested in finally reading one of her works!
Kiera Cass
- Okay, so I'm never going to read The Selection series. I'm just not about that life. And by "that life" I mean love triangles that drag. Anyways, that being said, since so many people rave about her series, I do want to read another novel by hers some time.
Books Owned: The Siren

Dan Wells - It's been six years since I bought Partials. SIX YEARS! And by all accounts, those are six missed years because Wells is supposed to be awesome!

Anna Banks - I have wanted to read Of Poseidon for a really long time, but I've actually recently gotten hold of Nemesis by Banks, and I kind of want to try her own!
Books Owned: Nemesis

Neal Shusterman - Another author that has been on my list for ages. And I now own one of his books physically! It's time to kick it off my shelf!
Books Owned: Everlost, Scythe

Darren Shan - This author has been on my atr list since I joined GR, y'all! I have wanted to read his Cirque De Freak series for years and I have finally gotten hold of the first one!!
Book Owned: Cirque Du Freak

Jenny Han - I'll be honest here... I'm kind of scared to read this author's works. I am NEVER going to read the Summer series. Three books of a love triangle? Sign me the heck out. But... people rave about her so much. And the cover for To all The Boys I've Loved Before is really pretty. And so is Burn for Burn. So... I own her books. Imma gonna read them.

Brian Jacques - I grew up on Redwall the animated series. Finding out this had a book series it was based on blew my mind. I've got to get in on this!
Books Owned: Redwall, Mossflower, Mattimeo

Jessica Day George - I just really like the sound of her novels! 

Kiersten White - another one that has been on my list for soooo loooong.... *sigh*
Books Owned: And I Darken

Robin Hobb - So I actually started one of her books and really really enjoyed it but I was in a really messed up place at the time and I dropped it half way through for no reason. I'm going to read her books this year, because they're good.

Alexandra Bracken - Heard just a ton of amazing things about this one.
Books Owned: Passenger

Sherry Thomas - I have owned the Elemental Trilogy for a long while now, and actually my mom loves these books so that tells me I must read them already.

Morgan Rhodes - I just heard this is an amazing fantasy writer, and I need to get a start on it!

Rae Carson - Another author I've just heard wonderful things about and I want to start on it!

Andy Weir - I want to watch the movie, okay?!
Books Owned: The Martian, Artemis

Ellen Hopkins - *sigh* how many times can I say "another one that has been on my list for ages and I'm super excited for" before one of you comes out of the screen and strangles me?
Books Owned: Tricks

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