Monday, January 22, 2018

2018 Goals: Clear 10 Physical Books

Okay, so this one is really for aesthetic purposes. 

I have an entire bookshelf for books I haven't read yet. I have about... oh, I don't know... 100 books in it. Not including sequels that are not the next in line. Yep. It's bad. And it looks bad, too, lol

Now, again. Last year was a terrible reading year. Bad enough that I don't plan to over-do myself with big, giant goals. So I'm not going to say "I'm going to clear my shelves" or anything meaningful like that. I'm going to aim at 10. Ten physical books that I own as of Jan 1 2018, off my shelves.

That sounds okay, right? 
You can come back to this page throughout the year to see my progress!

Potential Books to Read

1. The Upside of Unrequited - This one is probably a sure thing since it knocks one off my 10 standalone books goal as well, and I have loved Simon Vs. and I also own this on kindle which would make reading it easier for me. Is this cheating? You decide.

2. Illumiane - I really, really want to read this series. I want to know what the whole "am I not merciful" line is about. And just for comparison's sake, I also own this on kindle, but this is not helpful 'cause this one is really difficult to read on kindle due to the format! Which is why I got the hardcover. That, and because it's fucking gorgeous.

3. Heartless - this is another one I am hoping to get to this year because it knocks one of my standalone challenges as well. I love Meyer's Lunar Chronicles so I have high hopes for this regardless!

4. Thick as Thieves - saying the Queen's Theif series is one of my favorites is an understatement. I did a re-read of the first three books last year, and I keep having to stop myself from re-read the third one again 'cause it's too soon goddamnit! So, on the one hand, I am super excited about this fifth installment. On the other... well, it takes the author six to seven years to write a novel. So once I finish this one, the wait is going to be long and torturous.


6. Winter - Confession time... I got close to page 200 before closing the book. I just got SO ANXIOUS, OKAY?? It's not rational because this is the final book! Everything will get resolved! But bad things were happening and my babies were being hurt and ahhhhh I had to stop. But I will finish it this year, because I want to and because it takes a book off my finishing 10 series goal... 

7. Turtles All the Way Down - John Green. Need I say more?

8. There's Someone Inside Your House - Stephanie Perkins & it fits the standalone goal. What else do I need in life?

9. Daughter of the Pirate King - they hype is real and I want to jump into it!

10. Stalking Jack the Ripper - heard a ton of amazing things about this so I want to join the fun! haha

11. To All the Boys I've Loved Before - Heard a lot of amazing things about this series.

12. Kiss of Deception - I think I'm really going to love this series *fingers crossed*

13. Wild Beauty - sounds really cool & knocks off my standalone goal!

14. Throne of Glass - I'll be honest... I DON'T HAVE HIGH HOPES FOR THIS ONE. I couldn't get into the prequel at all. Hopefully, this will knock my socks off and surprise me in the best way.

15. The Eternal Ones - 5 years on my shelves will come to an end in 2018!.... Maybe.

If you have books you think I HAVE to read from the photos above, don't hesitate to tell me!

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