Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Terror Attack in Israel

Breaking our regular schedule for some real time, real life stuff.

This is not going to be overly organized our thought out or stylized or anything, I just need to TALK and tag, you're it.

So, today. Today started as a good day. It ended with three dead, one critically wounded and three more severely injured.

Two terrorist (maybe three) walk into a restaurant. This is not the start of a joke. Reports indicate they went into a restaurant, ordered food, acted like any other costumer. They wore suits and had some bags, but nothing unusual. Until they took out guns and started shooting everywhere, going out of the restaurant to shot into another. Total mayhem.

In minutes, it's like this: every whatsapp group I'm in sends a: "IS EVERYONE ALRIGHT?" message. Replies come in, I do the same in other groups. Some people are not answering - time to personally call them. They don't pick up once, twice, nuggets of worry creep in.

They couldn't be... no, no, there's no reason for them to be there at that time. They're okay.

Luckily, this time the voice of reason is correct. No one I love or know has been hurt, that I know of right now. But someone else is not that lucky. Some's children, parents, best friends were just killed for absolutely no reason.

Sometimes, I fucking hate all this. HATE.

Not even going to check for grammatical mistakes in this one, I'm hitting publish and going to bed before I drive myself insane with all the thinking. Maybe tomorrow I'll erase this. Maybe not.

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