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Destiny Binds by Tammy Blackwell | Book Review

Destiny Binds by Tammy Blackwell
First Published: 2011
Paperback & Omnibus
Young Adult, fantasy
Scout Donovan is a girl who believes in rules, logic, and her lifelong love of Charlie Hagan. Alex Cole believes in destiny, magic, and Scout. When Alex introduces Scout to the world of Shifters, men who change into wolves or coyotes during the full moon and Seers, women who can see your most private thoughts and emotions with a mere touch, the knowledge changes everything and everyone Scout thought she knew.
One of my all-time favorite YA shifter series, and all time most underrated series, is the Timber Wolves Trilogy. People, I implore you, stop reading this review and go read this novel instead. You will not regret it.

Destiny Binds starts the epic journey of Harper "Scout" Donovan, a kick-ass, headstrong young woman who will take none of your shit, thank you very much. But she is not just strong, inside and out, she's also funny, smart and logical, but most important - loyal and loving. So what if she happens to be stubborn, snarky and odd looking? the girl is my perfect kind of heroine.

As many of these stories go, and mark this down because it's just about the only typical thing about this whole series, Scout's journey begins with the arrival of Alex Cole and his brother Liam into town. Alex is every girl's dream - sweet, charismatic, loving and... hot, with two killer dimples and a tortured past that gives out that edge we so love. Can you blame Scout for falling for him? I sure can't.

But there are things to consider... such as Alex's threatening brother, and Scout's protective brother (and also a personal favorite of mine), the infinitely awesome Jace Donovan, who is against the Coles for some reason. And as Scout and Jace are closer than real siblings, their relationship built equally on banter and devotion, Scout can't just ignore what he thinks.

Now, the romance in this book, and series as a whole, is really unique, and I mean that in the best way possible. In this book alone we are introduced to a heroine who picks a guy when confronted with a sort of love triangle, instead of twiddling her thumbs for three books. Then, there is the beautiful slow build to Alex and Scout's romance, starting slowly from simple attraction, into wary friendship, and then into far, far more.

But it doesn't end there, because the romance of the Timber Wolves trilogy can only be truly appreciated when looked upon as a whole, and it is truly a sight to behold.

So, I've sang enough praise about our main characters, but have I mentioned the array of utterly fantastic supporting characters? First, there is Talley, best friend to Scout and the kind of girl who sees the best in everyone, while also understanding her friends to their core. So yeah, she's going to see the best in you... but she also knows your worst.

Then, there is Charlie, Jace's best friend and cousin who is Scout's crush for, like, forever. He's a peacemaker, the logical one in any situation. Together; Scout, Jace, Talley and Charlie are the Fantastic Four of their small town.

And then there was the ending. Not gonna lie, I cried, both times I read it. The one thing I feel I need to say is that Ashley is a stupid bitch, and I don't brandish the B word lightly.

Blackwell is not afraid to take chances and mess with her readers, and it simply works.

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