Thursday, January 26, 2017

Historical Romance Done RIGHT | Top 7 Authors You Need To Check Out

One of my favorite romance genres is historical. There is just something so compelling about the setting, about the lords and ladies, about the rules that are both ridiculous from a modern point of view but create the most delicious tension between the characters.

But you gotta know how to write them well, you know? Same as any other genre, it's very easy to write a bad historical romance, and much harder to write an excellent one.

Here is a list of seven woman who know how to create the perfect historicals, in no particular order

This lady is one of my auto-buy authors. Whenever I need a good historical, I always check to see if there's anything new of hers I can get.

Her historicals are just so damned fun, and the swoon if off the charts! She also does sweet fantastically well, and you'll believe her damaged heroes and strong yet vulnerable heroines can heal each other without an ounce of doubt in your mind!

The Lord of Ian Mackenzie was one of the first historicals to really steal and move my heart, and made Ashley an instant buy for me. Her Highland Pleasures series (also known as Mackenzie series) is one of my favorite historicals romance. She knows how to make unique heroes (such as the titular Ian), tantalizing romances and heroines you can root for full heartily. 

I haven't read any of Ashley's contemporary or paranormal, but if they're half as good as her historical romances, they're definitely worth a shot!

I have been very vocal in the past about my love for Banks' historicals. While I genuinely dislike most of the contemporary romances of hers that I've read, I love her as a romance writer. Something about the setting allows Banks to focus less on the sex, and more on the story. And when she does that, it's simply magic. I have read Never Seduce a Scot three times now, and I cry every time

Banks has that magical quality to make you connect to her heroines and heroes, and make you root for them to the depth of your soul. 

Also, her brand of romance happens to be the kilted kind. Yum!

Courtney Milan is one of the more unique authors on my list, because she really tackles tough subjects in her historicals, especially the Brothers Sinister series, although her Tuner series doesn't lack for thought provoking content. 

She looks at the historical settings through the eyes of characters that have to deal with prejudice, expectations and rules that they do not agree with. Females fighting to enter "male" professions, women who rebel against the institute of marriage, rape (although in a short novella)... So many interesting situations through the lens of the time period they're in.

And of course, the fantastic romances that will make your heart thump and swoon. 

 I found her by complete accident when The Duchess War was free on kindle and I have thanked my lucky stars since.

Lisa Kleypas is a pretty new discovery, but boy is she a landslide. I have enjoyed every single novel that I have read by her. Some of them tackle unique situations for historical romances, such as a romance between a Gypsy and a lady, or a Governess and her lord. But she does it in such a fun, heartwarming way.

She really does write such enjoyable historicals that lighten the heart and make you smile non-stop.

Julia Quinn is the historical romance writer for you when you need a fun romance. I always know that when I want to read something fun and light (with some angst, brooding and tormented pasts), Quinn's my girl. And damn if her books are not super readable. I start them and suddenly I look up and the book is over and it's three a.m. and there's work tomorrow but oh well.

Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake was the historical that made me love historicals. The romance, setting and characters proved to a judgmental me who didn't think she'd enjoy the Victorian setting and woman oppression that HISTORICALS ARE SO DAMNED WONDERFUL!

McLean's books are fun and light, but also have very deep undertones about female equality and acceptance, so they have a very nice balance to them.

What about you? What are some of YOUR favorite historical authors that you think I should check out? Did you find new authors to sink your teeth into in this list? Tell me all about it bellow! 

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