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The Harry Potter Spells Tag! | Bookish Tag

Hello everybody! 

To be honest, I've been wanting to do some bookish tag for ages. I don't usually get tagged at these sort of things, and when I do I tend to suck because I forget and end up doing them six months later, but because I felt like doing one I searched google and found this gem. Originally by TurtleSympathy on YouTube, but the video is unavailable and I found it on jessethereader

Anyhow, this tag takes spells from our beloved Harry Potter series and connects them to books based on themes! Can you think of a better tag?? 

Okay, yes, this is the Harry Potter Spells book tag, so using HP itself might be kind of cheating, but in all honesty there is no other book that defines childhood and good memories for me quite like Harry Potter. Harry Potter is my childhood. It accompanied me in the worst and best of times, it gave me happiness and joy as an angsty young adult. 

Written in Red wasn't a book I thought I'd read. I'd seen it around but the cover really put me off so I never delved any deeper. Then I saw a few favorable reviews one after the other, and the book was discounted on kindle. So... I one clicked, and started reading. I wasn't even twenty pages in when I knew this book would be an all time favorite, and it was. It took me by surprise with how absolutely fantastic it was and with the twists, the turns and the general plot and characters of this phenomenal story. Can't recommend it enough!

I admit that I've been watching a lot of anime and reading a lot of manga so I had to go to Goodreads and literally check this, and then I was like "oh right, how could I forget this book??".

The Genius and the Muse is a book I wasn't expecting much out of, but ended up being a wonderful read that dealt with love, how it can go wrong and how, if people just spoke to one another, it might just go back to being right. Also, this book showcases a love story from various different point of view, and it does so wonderfully. Total rec! :)

The Time Traveler's Wife was the first adult book I've read. Up until that moment, I have only read YA and MG, and adult novels seemed... I don't know, boring, I guess? Well, I actually didn't know this book was going to be so explicitly adult, although looking at it now it wasn't half as scandalizing as I remember. But I was sixteen, I think, and hadn't read anything of its like before.

So maybe "adult" is not quite a genre, more like an age range, but I consider it for this question because this is really the most substantial of those "introduction" books. Most of all because this book is what made me start reading them, even though I wasn't head over heels in love with it. But it opened my eyes to this age-genre and I've never looked back.  

I had to think long and hard about this one, because the books I read tend to be amusing as a side note, not as the main focus. I don't often read comedies because they tend to be full of slapstick (which I dislike) and I'm often attracted to different type of stories.

But then, the first book that really came to mind is The Princess Bride. One of the funniest movies I've ever watched, the book is just as funny, albeit in a different way. It's a book that laughs at a lot of things, while confusing and confounding the reader and messing with their heads. If you love the movie you'll probably love this; same type of humor, and a lot of the jokes in the movie are directly taken from the book! 

Okay, so with over 36,000 ratings on Goodreads The Thief is definitely not the most underrated book out there. However, I feel like people just don't know it. When I talk books with people, very few talk about this book or remember its existence but it's such a magnificent book (and series) that I don't understand how this happens. How is it not on more people's Top Ten lists and such? It deserves all the awards and attention!

Okay, so I actually love spoilers (*gasp* what??) and most of the spoilers I have read have been intentional and I don't exactly regret them, and the one accidental spoiler I've read I'd prefer not to talk about, I'm going the route of "books I'd like to forget I've read".

Hush, Hush is such an atrocity and was such a huge waste of my time that I wish I'd forget I'd have read it as it makes me rage to this day and I don't like having such strong, negative feelings about a book.... (However, I would like my review to stay available to me so I won't accidentally read it again *shudders*)

I actually remember very few of my high-school reads, I had to really go back in my head for this. גיא אוני (The Valley of Strength) is a book I've read for a report (out of very specific list). If I recall correctly, I asked my bookish grandmother which book she thought would fit me out of the list and this was it. All I remember about it is that it didn't feel like torture reading it (I hated the required reading, especially because it had such high and mighty ideas of what should be considered "literature" and what shouldn't) and... that's it. 

Err, this was a no brainer. I cried so much tears in The Fault in Our Stars I thought I just might dehydrate. Good god, this book couldn't hurt more even if it came behind you with a knife and stabbed you in the kidneys....

First of all - I'm interpreting this as books that the world depicted in them can kill you and as much as I love them I would never consider living in them because dangerous af. Originally I thought maybe I'd use Written in Red for this one because that book (and series) can be BRUTAL, but as I already mentioned it once in this tag I decided to look for something less obvious. 

The second book that came to mind is... Blackbirds. Good god, this book is brutal and gritty, and someone dies every other chapter or so. I won't survive three days in this world, if I were to encounter Miriam. Also, in this world I could find out the way and date of my death and I DON'T want that. No thank you... 

What do you think of my picks? Have you read any of these books? Are you planning on doing this tag sometime? If so, make sure to leave a link because I would love to see YOUR picks! :D

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