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Currently, I am not open to any ebook requests. I'm so busy that I forget about the books quite carelessly, and therefore cannot promise I will read them properly, as I know should. I am however open to physical requests as these are more likely to be read.

I will read most genres such as: Fantasy, Young Adult, Romance, Contemporary, New Adult and Adult (Historical/Paranormal), however, I won't accept; Horror, Biographies, Memoirs or Self-Help novels.

My reviews are 100% honest and I will always read up to half of any book before deciding whether or not it's worth finishing. Any requests sent that don't consider this policy beforehand will instantly be refused, so do make sure you check before you send me a message.

If you think I'd be a great fit for your novel, fill in the contact form on the right with your details and share details on your novel such as title, release date and summary, and I promise to contact you with a response as soon as possible.

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If you have any questions, concerns, enquires or just fancy a chat, feel free to fill out the following form. I'll do my utmost to reply as quickly as possible, but sometimes my work keeps me busy, so I cannot guarantee my response time. If contact forms aren't your thing, feel free to contact me directly via email, or if it's something quick, why not tweet me?


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