How are y'all doing?

My name is Nitzan, but you shouldn't try to pronounce it because English lacks some of the sounds needed. Hooray for foreign names! #amiright?

Afterwords is my home away from home, you know? And in my home, I don't hold back my opinions or thoughts or anything, really, so prepare to get the honest truth the only way I know how to give it - in long, detailed sentences embedded with hashtags and feels and asdfghjkl when needed.

Oh, and gifs. Can't forget the gifs!

Favorite Book

That is the most dangerous question to ask a book nerd. Never ask it, unless you're ready to be forced to read a list of books longer than the Great Wall of China. I love books. A lot of them. All the time. In every imaginable position. I'm a book slut and proud of it. I'm really bad at being faithful to one book- there are just too many amazing books out there! Baby, it's not you, it's me!
I know. Working on it. Some.

Favorite Movie

Princess Bride for the win! It's the one movie I can find no fault in it ;) 

If I Were a Character in a Book?

If I were a character in a book? Well, first of all, I'll be the best of heroines. How many times do I catch the twist/trick/hint before any of the characters in the book do? I'll rock that shit. And I already know all the rules, such as never touch a magical item you're not familiar with. Seriously.

As for a character type, I'll probably be a total Heromion/Annabeth person. Why are you touching that unfamiliar magical item!? You're going to get us killed--or worse, expelled.

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